The Westbrook Paper City Hoops (WPCH) is a non-profit organization by local citizens to promote and to develop Westbrook’s youth basketball


Westbrook Paper City Hoops (WPCH) Bylaws

I. History

This program was founded by Louie Lampron in 1988 after his son and several other 7th grade boys were not selected for the Westbrook Middle School basketball team.  With a philosophy that all kids should have an opportunity to play sports, Louie petitioned the school board that year to have a second “B” team, offering to coach these young men to afford them the same opportunity as the other players on the A team.  After the denial by the school board, Louie rolled up his sleeves and started a travel basketball team with his own funding – all for the love of his son and ten amazing young athletes that just wanted to play ball.  His team played 37 games that first year against neighboring school teams.  The following year, after witnessing his success, the school board approved the addition of a boys B team, fully funded and supported by the school.  By almost doubling the amount of players for the school, a true feeder system was started.  Through the years and budget cuts, the B team branched away from the school and became a self-sustained travel team in addition to the school program.  As interest grew, Louie expanded the travel program to include grades 3rd through 8th, both boys and girls.  What was once one team of 11 boys has turned into 12 teams with almost 150 players.  Louie’s passion for the game and the young athletes of Westbrook did not stop there.  After a conversation at a kitchen table twenty years ago, one of the most successful youth travel basketball tournaments, the Westbrook Paper City Classic, was born.  This tournament is attended by teams from all around the state of Maine and is touted as one of the best experiences for young athletes in youth sports.  The Board and By Laws below provide the foundation for Louie’s life-long journey in support of the young athletes of Westbrook.

II. Mission Statement

Westbrook Paper City Hoops (WPCH) is an organization designed to help promote and develop the travel basketball program in the Town of Westbrook.  WPCH is to be governed and managed with Bylaws, rules and regulations to help promote a fair and respectable basketball program for youth and the community.  WPCH’s primary mission is to provide competitive basketball opportunities for boys and girls grades 3rd through 8th in Westbrook beyond interscholastic basketball programs.  The WPCH is a non-profit organization that was developed to ensure that all Westbrook youth have an opportunity to play basketball at the appropriate level of competition. The primary focus of the program will be to teach strong fundamental skills and teamwork principles while developing the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship for the betterment of youth sports

III. Organization of the Board  

A. The WPCH Board consists of up to ten members, including up to nine Elected Positions: President, Vice President, Secretary/Communication Director, Treasurer, Coaching Director/Player Agent, Uniform and Equipment Coordinator, Sponsorship/Fundraising Director, Director of Technology and Concession Manager and up to two additional Board members with duties assigned by the Board.

B. Elected Board members shall serve a minimum term of 2 years with elections being held in August, when necessary. 

C. The original BOD was established in 2018 by the then owner of Westbrook Paper City Hoops, Louie Lampron.  The positions on the board will be vacated and re-elected using a staggered method to ensure all positions do not vacate at once.  In order to establish this method, the following positions will be voted upon during the fall of 2019:  Vice President, Secretary, Uniform/Equipment Manager, and Director of Technology.  The remaining board positions will be voted upon in the Fall of 2020.  The positions will rotate for voting every two years from their last election. 

D. Except as otherwise specified in these bylaws, the nine members of the Board shall act by majority vote of its members as long as a Quorum is present. A Quorum is defined as the presence of a majority of the Board members for the transaction of business.  Each Board member has one vote and the President’s vote shall break all ties.

E. Resignation, Termination and Absences.  Resignation from the Board must be in writing (e-mail acceptable). Every Board member that resigns from WPCH shall provide notice within a reasonable time frame.  A Board member shall be dropped for excessive absences from the Board if he/she has three consecutive absences.  A Board member may be removed for other reasons by a two-third vote of the remaining members.  Any board position that became vacated prior to completion of full-term may be replaced with a new member by a two-third vote of the remaining members.

F. All voting by the BOD is to be done so using the motion and second method (ie. a member of the board must bring forward a motion, that motion must receive a “second” and then and only then can the matter be voted on).  All motions will pass with a majority vote of the BOD unless otherwise defined in the By-laws.

G. Voting via email is permitted so long as the motion has been brought forward appropriately and the board members that are voting electronically have been provided all information to make an informed vote.

H. Any changes to the By-laws, including amendments, must be approved by a two-third vote of the Board. 

I. The Board members of the WPCH shall not be personally liable for its debts, liabilities or other obligations.

J. No members of WPCH shall receive any compensation from the organization.

K. The Westbrook girls’ and boys’ varsity H.S. coaches, as well as a recreation department liaison, will serve as advisors to the Board and are welcome to attend any and all WPCH Board meetings.

IV. Board Duties

A. WPCH’s Board shall have general supervision of the affairs of the travel basketball league as a host and shall ensure all the bylaws of the WPCH be faithfully executed and administered.

B. The WPCH has full control of management in matters such as disputes, disciplinary measures, funding, property and Board membership as it applies to Westbrook’s grades 3rd through 8th basketball travel programs.

C. If a WPCH member’s vote is based on personal conflicts of interest, that member shall abstain their vote on that particular topic.  A member may call for a special vote to dismiss the conflicted member’s ability to vote, prior to the topic being voted upon by the WPCH’s Board.

D. Board members shall convene a minimum of four times per year. (i.e. August, September, March) (Optional May, October)

V. Duties of Elected Members

A. President

      1. The President serves as overseer of all WPCH operations, functions, meetings and activities.
      2. Approves the basketball calendar/schedules and leads all Board meetings.
      3. Responsible to review, submit and maintain proper insurance coverage or affiliation to access all Westbrook’s gym facilities as a host of games.
      4. Shall be part of three-person Board for dispute resolution (Refer to Article VIII).
      5. Breaks all tie votes during meeting.
      6. Presents team selection process and overview of program to parents.

B. Vice President

      1. Performs all of the above with the President and fills in for President or Secretary if absent for any reason.
      2. Provides the WPCH Board information on upcoming travel schedule/basketball events.
      3. Facilitates communication on board issues outside of meetings and makes arrangements for advertisements including social media and web-based announcements.
      4. Coordinates assessments, Assessment Coordinator, and assessors.
      5. Shall be part of three-person Board for dispute resolution (Refer to Article VIII).

C. Secretary/Communications Director

      1. Responsible for taking meeting minutes and recording in writing all follow-up/action items during scheduled meetings.
      2. Responsible for distributing meeting minutes and follow-up/action items to all Board members as soon as possible after meeting via e-mail.
      3. Sends periodic reminders on follow-up/action items to board members or other responsible parties prior to the next board meeting to ensure all items are complete.
      4. Record all updates with Bylaws and provide a current copy to all members.
      5. Provide and maintain updates on WPCH social media outlets.
      6. Prepares parent distribution lists for each coach at the beginning of each season and a master list for the Board of Directors to facilitate group announcements.

D. Treasurer

      1. Responsible for WPCH finances including payment of all approved expenditures and accounting of income from program registrations, tournaments, scorekeepers, sponsors and other business supply needs.
      2. Responsible for all cash needs at tournaments, equipment, and concession.
      3. Issues a financial statement report at all scheduled Board meetings.
      4. Responsible for maintaining bank account at a designated bank in the town of Westbrook, accompanied by the President on the bank account.
      5. Responsible for payment on year-end banquets, team parties, etc.
      6. Responsible for maintaining 503c certification.
      7. Responsible for filing annual tax returns for program.

E. Coaching Manager/Player Agent

      1. Responsible for ensuring coaching vacancies are advertised through local media outlets or any other electronic notifications.
      2. Schedules all practices at the onset of the season for each team.  Is responsible for negotiating for gym space for practices and games that WPCH is scheduled to host. 
      3. Once the Board has selected the coaches for the upcoming year, advises the coaches on the program and league basics.  Also, ensures coaches attend required meetings for league entry.
      4. Serves as an advisor to travel coaches and periodically checking in at games and or practices to offer advice and assist. 
      5. Shall be part of three-person Board for dispute resolution (Refer to Article VIII).
      6. Conduct pre-season coaching meeting.
      7. Makes arrangements for and ensures that all coaches receive proper instruction and/or training prior to start of the season and that all background checks have been completed.
      8. Coaches will be allowed to be Head Coach of one team only.  They may serve as an assistant on another team (with Board approval), but they cannot be Head Coach of multiple teams. 
      9. There will be a maximum of three coaches on the bench with the team and only the Head Coach will be allowed to stand during the game.  All assistant coaches require approval by the Board.

F. Uniform and Equipment Manager

      1. Responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all equipment and uniforms.
      2. Responsible for the distribution of uniforms at the beginning of the season and the collection at the conclusion of the season.
      3. Responsible for obtaining the required supplies for the tournaments (ice packs, first aid kits, t-shirts, prizes, basketballs, posters, etc.)

G. Sponsorship/Fundraising Manager

      1. Responsible for coordinating all sponsorship activities and fundraising events, including the annual raffle and tournament program.
      2. Coordinates with the Treasurer on all collections from fundraising efforts for the program.
      3. Coordinates special events for the program to include banquets.
      4. Responsible for the solicitation, collection and follow-up of all registration fees.
      5. Maintain an annual inventory of all equipment and uniforms to be provided to the Board at the beginning and end of season.

H. Concession Manager

      1. Works with vendors to order food and beverage for concessions and the collection of donations for tournaments.
      2. Maintains a work schedule for the concession table during tournaments.
      3. Ensures proper handling of the food and beverages.
      4. Responsible for training those that help with concessions.
      5. Responsible for the set up and take down of the concession stand during tournaments.
      6. Ensures equipment is properly cleaned, trash is taken out and food is stored properly during tournaments.
      7. Coordinates with Treasurer for start-up money for concession stand and end of tournament deposits.

I. Director of Technology

      1. Maintains accurate and up-to-date website for WPCH.
      2. Posts information regarding WPCH’s events, etc. on multiple social media platforms to include Face Book.
      3. Facilitates the on-line registration for WPCH.
      4. Is responsible for the announcements to coaches regarding game schedules and tournaments via the WPCH website.

VI. Travel Tryouts-Player Assessment/Placement-run by assessment coordinator

A. A Board Appointed Assessment Coordinator will coordinate assessments.

B. Assessments/Placements are open to all players who reside in the Town of Westbrook, have registered through the on-line registration system on the WPCH website, paid the registration fee, and are in grades 3 through 8.

C. The registration fee is $150 per player.  Families with multiple players in the WPCH will receive a discount of $50 for every additional player.  There are no discounts for coaches.

D. Travel assessments are held in October of each calendar year.  Assessors will consist of WPCH Board members, as well as, independent assessors requested by the assessment coordinator.  All teams are re-evaluated each year.

E. There will be a minimum of two tryout sessions for each team and players should attend both sessions if possible to ensure proper assessment.

F. Travel assessments for the 3rd through 8th grade travel teams will be a closed-door session unless circumstances warrant otherwise.

G. Players will be placed on WPCH teams based on their assessment. The assessors should place players on travel teams. Placements should provide the player the best possible playing experience at the travel level.

H. Number of travel teams at each grade level will depend on the number of players that are determined to be capable of competing at the travel level and placed in the travel program.

I. Travel teams may have a minimum of eight players per team.

J. Any player injured during or before the tryouts will be evaluated due to previous experience, if that player is able to return before mid-season. If this player is considered capable of playing travel basketball, they will be added to the already chosen roster of players.

K. Players trying out with no previous travel experience who are injured will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

L. Players will be assigned teams in a manner that will divide the total amount of players into equally balanced teams. 

M. Placement decisions should be communicated by phone to a parent or guardian of each player attending the assessment or to the player directly within 1 to 2 week of last scheduled assessment. Travel team coaches or designated Board member will communicate to the parents of those who were placed on the travel teams.

N. If a parent feels his/her child has been unfairly treated and is not willing to accept the assessors decision, the parent should be advised to present their complaint to the WPCH President who will at his/her discretion invite the parent(s) to present their case before the Grievance Resolution Board. This Board will review the grievance and vote on the player’s status; however, the decision should be overridden only when the grievance Board believes a decision was incorrect.

O.  Players whom are selected for the program will be placed on a travel team and will be required to pay a registration fee to cover travel program expenses prior to the first practice or game, whichever occurs first.  If the registration fee is not received by this time, the player will not be permitted to play in games until the payment is received.  If there are issues with the registration fee, the parent should contact the President of the Board.

VII. League Breakdown by Division

A. Pee Wee Division

Kindergarten through 2nd Grade
Will be 8 to 10 weeks – ALL SKILL – DRILL
Each player will receive a basketball and t-shirt
Registration Fee - $50.00

B. Junior League Division

3rd & 4th Grade
Will be November through February
Consists of skill, drill, and travel basketball “League Play”
Registration Fee - $150.00

C. Senior League Division

5th & 6th Grade
Will be November through early March
Consists of skill, drill, and travel basketball “League Play”
Registration Fee - $150.00

D. Middle School Division

7th & 8th Grade
Will be November through early March
Consists of skill, drill, and travel basketball “League Play”
Registration Fee - $150.00

VIII. Coach Selection/Responsibilities/Event Limitations

A. Candidates may be male or female.  Coaches will be at least 18 years of age and have Board approval. The candidates should have sound knowledge of the game, possess good administration and management skills, and follow the rules established by the WPCH Board.  WPCH may choose to advertise coaching positions on local media outlets in order to seek out all qualified/interested applicants.

B. WPCH Board may interview each applicant and will select a coach for each travel team. If there are not enough coaches to fill all of the positions, a committee will be required to recruit qualified individuals for those open positions. Coaches are approved for the current season only and must be approved each year to continue in the travel program.

C. Coaches from each team must attend a coaches meeting at beginning and end of season as well as all required trainings throughout the season.

D. Coaches are responsible for assisting the on-site coordinator at our host gym sites to control the conduct of fans and players.

E. Coaches are responsible for establishing expectations with Parents and Players at the beginning of the season.

F. A player will model the behavior and/or conduct of his or her coaches.  We encourage and expect each coach to act as a mature adult and role model.

G. As of this time, playing time is governed by the Cape Elizabeth Travel league rules, and should be followed by the selected coaches.  Although the Cape Elizabeth Travel league does not require everyone on a travel team play an equal amount, the Board strongly encourages coaches to evaluate the circumstances for each game and ensure that development opportunities exist for all. At a minimum, all players are expected to play ten minutes per game during the regular season and scrimmages.  The only acceptable reason for a player not playing in a game is injury or disciplinary action/suspension.

H. Coaches can conduct only three mandatory events per week (games, practices, etc.)  Events in excess of three per week are voluntary by the players and non-attendance will not reflect negatively upon the player.  Tournaments are excluded from this rule.

I. Coaches are permitted to have their teams participate in a maximum of three tournaments per season.  A request to exceed this amount must be approved by the BOD. 

J. Coaches are required to notify the President/Vice President immediately of any suspensions/disciplinary actions so that the grievance Board can meet with the coach, provide guidance, and determine if resolution assistance is warranted. 

K. The WPCH Board has the authority to terminate and replace coaches who exhibit inappropriate behaviors as determined by the Board. The coach has the right to appeal the decision at regular Board meetings.

L. Every time that either a coach or a player receives a technical foul from an official, the technical will be reported to the President of the Board by the Head Coach.  If a coach or player should receive two technical fouls during the course of the season, the coach or player in question will be suspended for one game.  If following this suspension another technical foul is received by the same coach or player, they will be suspended from one additional game and subject to a formal meeting with the Board of Directors.  If a coach verbally or physically threatens a referee, he or she will be removed from the program.  Any player or coach who is removed from the program will not be allowed to return to the program in the future without permission of the Board of Directors.

M. Perspective coaches will be asked to fill out paperwork for a Background Check to be done before coaching.

IX. Code of Conduct

A. Parent code of ethics

      1. Parents should conduct themselves responsibly at games and practices.
      2. Accept willingly and graciously the decisions of the officials.
      3. Make sure child arrives to practice and games at the appropriate times. Make sure child is picked up immediately after all practices and games.
      4. Familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations of travel basketball and the Cape Elizabeth League.
      5. In the event a parent has questions or concerns, please contact the coach for resolution.  If resolution is not achieved, please contact the WPCH President.

B. Player code of ethics

      1. Players will practice good sportsmanship and exhibit self control at all times.
      2. Be a team player.
      3. Be gracious in losing and winning.
      4. Obey the rules and a zero tolerance policy. 
      5. Accept willingly and graciously the decisions of the official.
      6. Any player removed from the game for fighting will be suspended for the next game.
      7. Chronic discipline problems will be brought before the WPCH Board for consideration of suspension for the season.
      8. Be prompt to all practices and games.
      9. Educate themselves with the rules and regulations of travel basketball.

C. Coaches code of ethics

      1. Understand the rules of the game and share that understanding with the players.
      2. Treat the players fairly and equally.
      3. Be prompt for all practices and games.
      4. Be considerate of other teams.
      5. Be well prepared for practices.
      6. Have knowledge in first aid.
      7. Respect all decisions of the officials with grace.
      8. Educate players on the rules and regulations, importance of skill development, good sportsmanship and the off-season development opportunities.
      9. Any disciplinary action involving the suspension of a player must be reported by the coach to the President immediately.  Contact Vice President if President is unavailable.
      10. Noncompliance with this code of ethics will result in a review of the coach by the WPCH Board to determine the disciplinary action.

X. Dispute Resolution

A. If a parent feels his/her child has been unfairly treated and the coach is unable to resolve the matter, then the parent should be advised to present their complaint to the WPCH President who will at his/her discretion invite the parent(s) to present their case before members of the grievance resolution Board, which includes the President, Vice President and Coaching Director. These members will review the grievance and determine possible resolution.

B.  Inputs from all involved parties will be heard before final decision is made.

XI. Amendments and Repeals

A. WPCH Board will decide any issues not covered under these bylaws.

B. WPCH Bylaws may be amended or repealed by a majority vote of Board members during a regularly scheduled meeting when the measure is presented.

XII. Current Board Members as voted

President:  Louie Lampron
Vice President: Anthony Lombardo
Treasurer:  Jenna Spofford
Secretary/Communications Director:  Sandra Dow
Coaching Manager/Player Agent:  Steve Shackley
Uniform and Equipment Manager:  Joe DeRoche
Sponsorship/Fundraising Manager:  Dawn Hodge
Concession Manager:  Denise Cole
Director of Technology: Erik Spofford

Board Advisors
Boy’s Varsity Coach
Girl’s Varsity Coach
Recreation Department Liaison